You Become What you Beleive!

You Become What you Beleive!
You Become What you Beleive!

Oprah Winfrey an American Talk show host, a television producer, media executive, and philanthropist said “You Become What you Beleive!”

Napolean Hill said “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”

Hence, Success is Believing.

We have two types of mindset “fixed mindset” and a “growing mindset”.

People with a “fixed mindset” they would continue to perform/achieve at a fixed performance. But a student with a “growing mindset” even if had a lower grade but they have the ability to think that they can achieve better, with proper guidance it is seen that such students can further excel their grades.

Similarly, people doing business are often found to be of “growing mindset” category. Normally people with a “fixed mindset” choose for salary based jobs. Salary based jobs will often give you a fixed opportunity and income but with a business, you have the ability to grow limitless.

Recently in this COVID scenario, many people are thinking that their life is coming to an end, but I personally don’t believe so.

To improve your business at this point you got to believe that you’ll be able to improve. If you have an offline business try to gear it up online. Believe me, the best way to reach people is to get closer to them, if your Government is asking you to maintain physical distance, who would stop you from maintaining virtual distance? Get closer to your clients virtually.
Remember you have the potential to take your business to your client’s bedroom. And your client, on the other hand, can get to it from the very comfort of their own bed.

Now some of you would be thinking life online is not that easy. And taking your business online would cost you a territory. But, again you are wrong, all you would need is to think that you would get closer to your clients, and you are done.

OCEATECH as always would be there to help you out though. But, I know, even without our help you can shoot for the stars. This wasn’t a business call from my end. Just a couple of suggestions, that I want each of us to follow. I want our economy to get rejuvenated. It’s needed for each of us.

Best of Luck, Stay Safe, Stay indoor and wish you a healthy economy ahead.


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