We over here at OCEATECh, strive hard to develop your business


We Love to Build your Business. With us you can develop your website to make a social presence and market your company on the web with us. We can schedule a meeting soon, to help you develop even more.


My name is Subhajit Sil, I have been working on various niche and finally started with web-development in 2015.

I always had a dream to have a company of myself, and finally, in March 2018, I became the proud owner of OCEATECH. We have a team of Freelancer working from all around the globe to provide our cients with all kinds of support including graphic designing, OCR, technical, writing, etc along with the web designing and development.

We also started to provide our clients with Site Optimization and Digital Marketing. We think a website without SEO / Marketing is not worthy. We are planning to include even more services to our list. I want to see OCEATECH as one of the top-notch company and I am sure that with the help that we get from our Clients and well-wishers we will achieve this soon.

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